Sundays at 10:00am, 11:00am, 6:30pm, Wednesday at 7:00pm Corner of Highway 19 & Rush, 9150 Hwy. 19, Slaughter, LA 70777

Grace Baptist Church

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If you are looking for a church which:
STILL preaches the Word of God,
STILL uses Godly, Christian music,
STILL believes in instilling good family values,
STILL "feels" like church,
TRY US!!!!!

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Joy in helping others! ...

Calling in the help! Justin and Leah having a house emptying party tomorrow morning at 8043 Longwood Drive, Denham Springs. Some of us will be there by 7 am, but whenever you can get there is great! Come one, come all (bad backs ABSOLUTELY excluded/excused). ...