Sundays at 10:00am, 11:00am, 6:30pm, Wednesday at 7:00pm Corner of Highway 19 & Rush, 9150 Hwy. 19, Slaughter, LA 70777

Grace Baptist Church

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If you are looking for a church which:
STILL preaches the Word of God,
STILL uses Godly, Christian music,
STILL believes in instilling good family values,
STILL "feels" like church,
TRY US!!!!!

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The Spirit-directed body does not tear itself apart by competition. The ambitions of the various members are submerged in the glory of the Head (Jesus), and whatever brings honor to the Head (Jesus) meets with the most eager approval of the members. - Tozer

As true for relationships between churches as it is for those within the churches.

Huge Garage Sale tomorrow!
8 AM till 4 PM
9150 Hwy 19
3 miles north of Zachary towards Slaughter