If you are new to Grace Baptist Church…

…first and foremost, you can expect to find welcoming people. Before you get very far, we’re going to shake your hand and introduce ourselves. In fact, our folks can be so encouraging it can sometimes be a little intimidating. Please be patient with us, we’re just so excited to see new faces, and we want you to know that we are genuinely glad you chose to worship with us.
Speaking of worship, it really is the key to what we do during our services. From the opening prayer to the final “amen”, our intent is to lift up the God of Heaven and give Him glory. There will be prayer, Christ-honoring music, and godly preaching. Our services are traditional, and designed to allow every saint, from youngest to oldest, to be able to worship in spirit and truth.
If you come in time for Sunday school, there will be someone at the door to guide you and yours to the appropriate age-graded Sunday school classes. Classes include children’s classes from nursery to 6th grade, then separate classes for junior and senior high, college and career, and adults. Our adult Ladies’ class is especially popular.
Speaking of nursery, there is a nursery provided for every service, including the Reformers Unanimous meeting on Friday evenings. Experienced nursery workers, along with a parent notification system, ensure that your children are well cared for in a clean, safe environment.
Maybe you haven’t yet visited with us, but you’re considering checking us out. We strongly encourage you to come and see us, or, if you need further information, to please call the church office at 225 654-4107.
See you on Sunday!

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