Youth Ministry

At Grace Baptist Church, you won’t find a youth group that simply occupies itself with distractions while the adults worship, but rather an exceptional group of young people who actively worship and serve the Lord. Our teens will greet you as you walk through the door, worship with you as you worship in the sanctuary, and then cover your back during a round of laser tag!

The friendly, fun-loving, mission-minded teens at Grace want to welcome you to our church and invite you to take part in the weekly ministries that our youth serve in. AWANA, children’s church, and our special monthly “Youth Sunday,” are just a few of the avenues that our teens use to serve the Lord. We train young people to not only develop a personal, daily relationship with Christ, but to also practice a lifestyle of Christian service. Our Youth Sunday gives teens the opportunity to play instruments, lead the music service, and sing in the youth choir, and the young men even have an opportunity to preach!

We have monthly youth activities to give our youth the chance for good Christian fun and fellowship so our teens have plenty to do! Come give the Grace Baptist Youth Department a visit and let us share Christ with you!

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